-Dr.B. E.Hale,Dactylologist
The thought process of Deaf People
Due to the absence of the audio recall, the
motor recall in deaf people becomes stronger
than the motor re-call within Hearing individuals.

The motor recall in deaf people serves to
processes the thoughts. When thinking, instead
of hearing a voice through the mind's audio
re-call, the Deaf feel their  body parts move
especially the hands signing concepts without
physically moving.

While going through the process of thoughts,
deaf individuals have the same emotions as do
the hearing. Also they have the same visuals
with one exception.

"Through the thought process the deaf  can
visually-recall  what a person formerly signed
just as the hearing recall audibly what a person
formerly said.

Eyes are the ears of deaf children and deaf
adults viewing jesters and actions of the hearing
people around them, trying to understand.
"Deafness obligates the thought  process
to be  different than that of hearing
Psychology of Deafness   
as it relate to the thought process requires
the language of Signs with body expressions