Conferences for the Deaf
The majority of deaf people to no fault of
their own can not read with understanding.
One reason  is that their language "Sign
Language" does not coincide with the
spoken language.

The second reason is that these special
people from birth to their present age did not
have the "norm" of a childhood regarding
communication with Parents and other
relatives  "the first Teachers".  Deafness
blocked the ability to build a vocabulary of
nouns and verbs to formulate in the mind  
syntax of concepts. In other words, what
children normally learn growing up was not
available to these special people because  
of deafness.
Due to the absence of the audio recall, the
motor recall in deaf people becomes stronger
than the motor re-call within Hearing individuals.

The motor recall in deaf people serves to
processes the thoughts. When thinking, instead
of hearing a voice through the mind's audio
re-call, the Deaf feel their  body parts move
especially the hands signing concepts without
physically moving.

While going through the process of thoughts,
deaf individuals have the same emotions as do
the hearing. Also they have the same visuals
with one exception.

"Through the thought process the deaf  can
visually-recall  what a person formerly signed
just as the hearing recall audibly what a person
formerly said.

Eyes are the ears of deaf children and deaf
adults viewing jesters and actions of the hearing
people around them, trying to understand.

The Conference serves these special people  
by providing a lectures on topics that are  
meaningful to them in their own language. After
the lecture the session is open for questions.
Often the questions leads to the development of
a new Lecture topic.

The following shows the meaningfulness about
this program. It may seem  insignificant, but to
the deaf people it is a real concern  for many.
Providing deaf people
"Children to adults"
access to information "knowledge".
The usual response communicated by the deaf;
" I didn't  not know I make noise when I eat!"
During a counseling session, a young lady with
a disturbing look asked;
"When I am eating soup, why do those also
eating look at me angrily with their finger
touching their puckered lips?"
The question gave birth to the lecture topic;

" Eating Ethics"
In the conferences Signs is the Language form
of communication because the
of Deafness
as it relate to the thought
of deaf people requires it.

The thoughts of deaf people are processed
differently than that of hearing people.
"When soup or any other liquids is
slurped, a disturbing unpleasant noises
is made and upset some hearing
individuals. For that reason they have
unhappy or angry faces."

"The finger touching the puckered lips is
a jester of some hearing people meaning:

"...Stop the noise"      "...Don't do that"
(Most popular) "...Quiet!"
One section of the lecture:   "Eating Ethics"
exposed to the Deaf Attendees:
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A television lecture being interpreted to the deaf people
during a DMI Conference  in Colombia South America
A television lecture being interpreted to the deaf people
during a DMI Conference  in Colombia South America
Many give testimony that they too experienced
the discontented faces
but now with the knowledge received they are at
peace with family members!
Simple... but meaningful to the Deaf and their
family, because the lecture provided for the
deaf individual and others  comfortable
moments when dinning.